Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I've commented in the past about the threat of fundamentalism in America, and I think that some people view criticism of the Religious Right as an attack on religion itself. It is not. While I, myself, am not a believer in any religion I value freedom of conscience to much to ever try and force my disbelief on anyone else. What I would hope to communicate to those that are believers is that these fundamentalists, if given the chance, would indeed force their beliefs on others. Freedom of religion would actually be one of the first things to go under their rule.

I found this comment in the forum at the Ohio Restoration Project website. The goal of the site is the generation of "Patriot Pastors." Consider that this encapsulates the mind set we are dealing with.

I pray that America will succeed in becoming a one-party, Christian-based nation. There is no room in our nation for persons who stray from our deeply held beliefs, and for those who do, God's punishment should be both swift and severe. It's obvious that the democratic party is the party of the devil, and even more obvious that George Bush and * Cheney are truly God's "terrible, swift sword". When we gain enough power to change/eliminate the many Godless courts, we can then begin the holy task of correcting the laws that prevent people of our faith from demanding compliance to our way of life. When this day comes, God will look down and smile, while non-believers will run in fear.


wildhera said...

hmmm...america...always the first...but not in my thoughts:)...it is a power in the world but i am not agree with his politics and way to see other countries...for them we are the rest of the world,that doesn't matter...but is not like this...i don't want to hurt anybody, but America is not Everything!!!

wildhera said...

and about religion...everybody has the freedom to choose his one belives, i belive in God but not in prelates and in church.for me God is in my heart and in my way of acting with people around me.i always said that if we will be just a little bit good with the people around us everything will be better,no wars,no crimes,no faiting,no bad things,but we love to hurt people,we punish not God...I understand democracy like that:do whatever you want to do without disturbing people around you,without taking people's freedom...This is my opinion!!!thank you!

Hume's Ghost said...

And thank you. International perspective is always greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I've got news for them. By the time that day comes, the people in charge will have pissed off enough of the world that the US will be destroyed and overrun by the people they choose to reject as heathens.