Sunday, May 08, 2005

People of Darfur still dying

Nicolas Kristof pointed out last week that the last time President Bush had spoken about Darfur was January 10, and that now the administration actually appears to be backtracking on its policy.

I'm starting to fear that by the time the world decides to do anything about Darfur the only thing left to do will be to apologize for not having done anything.

And articles like this one offer little reassurance:
Revelations of a covert rendezvous in Washington between top CIA officials and the head of Sudan’s secret police have starkly exposed just how hollow and hypocritical are the US administration’s expressions of concern for the plight of millions of Darfuri peasants, who have been systematically targeted by Sudan’s rulers in a vicious 26-month-long campaign of ethnic cleansing and mass murder.

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