Thursday, April 21, 2005

Blogging hiatus

I will not have access to the internet until Wednesday of next week so this will be the last update until then.

So in the meantime, click here for a daily dose of Calvin And Hobbes.

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John Lombard said...

On abortion -- if you didn't get the reference, Brood Mare is from The Handmaid's Tale. In the book women are basically procreation slaves and infertile women aren't considered women. That's what I thought was horrible about the unborn child act -- it defines a woman not as an adult female but as something that has a fuctional uterus.

Abortion's a tough issue. Even Chris Hitchens has written against it. And nobody really thinks it's a good thing. But I believe the freedom of the woman is more important than the life of the fetus. Now, an opinion like that isn't going to get me elected President, but I think abortion is necessary if women are to preserve their autonomy. Abortion means sex can be as consequence free for women as it is for men. Besides, people suck. Do we really need more people? We're got enough of the damn things. :-)

Also, I can't imagine how exactly a law against abortion is going to be effectively enforced. What, we're going to lock up and tie up women who want to terminate their pregnancies? That'd be interesting. Abortion will just go underground, the way it was before it was made legal. Or there's the coathanger.