Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Does Fox News even have a line that Beck can cross?

After Glenn Beck endorsed the work of a pro-Nazi American fascist sympathist, I asked this question of Fox News: "What would Glenn Beck have to do, short of putting on Klan robes and declaring President Obama a threat to white power, to end his career in the mainstream media?"

Not long after that, Beck accused "the Jews" of deicide.

And now he's reached another low.

I’ll let Fox News’ Glenn Beck explain this one. Perhaps he didn’t know that his list of favorite Twitter postings was available to the public.

In any case, Beck or the person responsible for Beck’s Twitter account clicked the little star adding an... umm... interesting post to his favorites list. The post in question came from Malevolent Freedom, which describes itself as a "White Nationalist News And Form":
The post which was linked to was about "embrac[ing] White Culture".

Perhaps I should revise my question: what would Glenn Beck have to do, short of participating in a literal lynching, to obtain the marginalized status that he so rightly deserves?


Spocko said...

Hi HG: You know I used to ask this question about the hosts at K S F O. Atrios always said there wasn't anything.

There are things that he can say, specific words that might get him fired. The N-word for example. But I don't think he will go there.

With my local hosts in SF my theory was that they parent corporation wasn't dedicated to losing money on their right wing hosts, so I focused on their revenue stream. This had the benefit of not getting involved with management. Management clearly supported him, it had to do with revenue, which was a big deal for the company that needed revenue to service it's debt.

When I asked Murdock this questions in the Q3 conference call
He denied the lost advertisers, and that he wasn't subsidizing Beck. But of course he is. That is one of the benefits of being so big that you don't have to worry about making money in the short term as long as in the long term.

If I was going to try and get Glenn off the air I would work harder to get him in more situations where his violent suggestions can be tied to specific violent people. I would also get him in situations where he doesn't have a seven second delay.

Burkeman1 said...

Beck is an establishment clown. His role is to shore up the ruling elite's flailing two party left/right divide by angering and scaring tribal liberals with increasingly blatant and open racism while making appeals to white nationalism. His "anti government" rhetoric never touches upon anti militarism in the slightest or against the growing security state (except in the most superficial and silly of ways).

What the DC/Financial elite wants is for liberals to be frightened of Beck and "Middle America" in general- so that they look to the feds to restrain such "movements".

When Glenn Beck and his followers start kidnapping, torturing, and killing people or bombing villages and towns- then I will be afraid of him. Until then - he is just an establishment circus act and he should not be overblown.