Sunday, February 28, 2010

The gist of this year's CPAC message

Shorter CPAC message: The nefarious Jew Progressive is destroying Germany America.

I think the last video is particularly revealing, as it gives some insight into why the anti-ACORN reality revision is so important to movement conservative mythology. For conservative supremacists, any election which is not won by "conservatives" is by definition illigitimate, a "hihack[ing]" of the country and the democratic process. Thus, the election must have been stolen by those dark skinned poor people at ACORN - part of the super secret sinister 100 year progressive commie atheist fascist one world government Freddy Krueger plot to destroy America.

Dave Niewert and David Sirota have more on Beck's eliminationist message.

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C2H50H said...

Beck apparently either thinks that "progressives" live a very long time or pass their politics on to their offspring. Here's a hint to anybody who might have a tendency to accept his theory: there are things that can be passed on to children. Political beliefs aren't among them. Great wealth, an elite education, seats in Congress (which would have horrified the founders, I'd guess), those can be inherited. Political beliefs? Not so much.

Of course, inheriting great wealth, political power, and a guarantee of entry into elite society might cause one's political beliefs to take on a certain color. So would turning your brains in at the door of a fundamentalist religion.

Did you know that, at the time of the American Revolution, it is estimated that about the same proportion of the population opposed it as today reliably votes Republican? Following Beck, I'd say that it's the same people -- those with great wealth or influence under the status quo ante, those afraid of change of any color, and those who have delusions that they will someday be a member of the powerful and wealthy group (here's a hint: only a minuscule fraction of the population will make it -- and it won't be you.)