Sunday, February 28, 2010

The banality of the American news culture

As I've been rather busy and occupied for the last several months, I have not had the time to actively follow the news. But it has been quite illuminating to notice the "news" I still manage to pick up by a sort of process of cultural osmosis.

For instance, it has been impossible for me not to hear about the marital problems of Tiger Woods and the press conference that he held to discuss them. Call me crazy, but I was under the impression that the relevance of Tiger Woods was as a person capable of hitting a golf ball with great proficiency, not on his fidelity to his wife. Apparently, the sexual affairs of a professional golfer are of grave national importance.

Meanwhile, other than this post by Glenn Greenwald I have heard nothing about the UK inquiry into the legality of the invasion of Iraq. Obviously, the illegal invasion and destruction of another nation resulting in mass death and chaos, while creating a blackhole of financial loss and a perpetual source of anti-American global sentiment by comparison is insignificant to the Tiger Woods affair.

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