Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Quality science fiction

If you haven't heard about it or seen the Duncan Jones directed Sam Rockwell vehicle Moon and are a fan of science fiction, I highly recommend it.

I watched it last night after a friend recommended it to me. Its precisely the sort of genuine science fiction film that rarely gets made anymore: a movie with an intelligent, patient, minimalist approach which allows story to drive the plot rather than action and special effects, using a science fiction setting to explore human nature.

The basic plot is that a helium miner (Sam Rockwell) is stuck on the Moon by himself for 3 years as he runs a mining station. His only companion is a multi-functional robot voiced by Kevin Spacey. As the film begins, Rockwell's character is getting ready to return to Earth as his 3 year contract is getting ready to expire. He leaves the base in a rover to make some repairs but gets into an accident, when he wakes up everything has changed for him.

That's all I'll say about it, and I would caution to avoid looking up any reviews or anything else that might spoil what comes next. (I don't even think I'd have wanted to see the movie's trailer beforehand.)


spocko said...

Cool! Thanks HG!

I'll recommend a movie back. I just saw "A Face in the Crowd."
It's really about the power of crazy people like Glenn Beck.
It was made in 1957 by the team that did "On the Waterfront"
really amazing.

Hume's Ghost said...

Thanks, never heard of that Andry Griffith film before.