Thursday, May 07, 2009


I've been waiting for sometime now for some psuedo-conservative to say that Barry Goldwater wasn't really a conservative, primarily for reasons like this and this, half expecting him to be described as liberal leaning. Now I see that the wait is over.

It's always special when the King and Queen of Wingnuttery get together. And last night on The O'Reilly Factor, BillO and Ann Coulter didn't disappoint ...

O'Reilly: But isn't that the split, though, the Colin Powell wing vs. the Ann Coulter wing?

Coulter: But the evidence keeps proving them wrong. But no matter how many times we run the experiment, they'll turn around to us and say, 'But you aren't liberal enough.' We just ran the most liberal Republican in the party, other than Arlen Specter, and he's no longer in the party. I mean, we tried a liberal Republican, and they lost, and now they're coming back and blaming us again.

O'Reilly: If the party is divided between the Powell wing and the Coulter wing, how can it ever come together, and defeat a machine that has the American media on its side?

Coulter: Right, it certainly does, which is why it's not just liberal Republicans, it's the entire media, haranguing, hectoring Republicans because we have to stop being conservative.

O'Reilly: So you have a divided party. You may be right, you may be wrong, it doesn't matter. But the GOP is divided, against the Democratic Party and the media. That's tough!

Coulter: It certainly is. But the party is a lot smaller than conservatives. I mean, these polls that keep being cited about the number of people who call themselves Republicans, it's only 21 percent -- well, OK, something like 34 percent call themselves conservatives, whereas only 17 percent call themselves liberals. Or something like that. It's been like that for decades. There are more conservatives than there are Republicans. So it's not a coincidence that the people who want us to lose -- the media and the Democrats -- keep telling us to stop being conservative. We win when we're conservative, and we lose when we're liberal. And we just ran that experiment again last November.

O'Reilly: But you don't always win when you're conservative. Barry Goldwater got his butt kicked.

Coulter: And he's the one who's always being cited today as not being conservative on social issues!
Yep, in the Coulter-verse, Barry Goldwater didn't become president because he was too liberal!

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