Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fomenting revolutionary discord

Ok, for most of the last 8 years, Michelle Malkin's career consisted primarily of demonizing critics of President Bush as unhinged "moonbats" deranged by a clinical mental disorder. Although the fundamental dishonesty of Malkin's approach has long been covered, it wasn't until a Democrat became president that we get to see Malkin's full blown hypocrisy and double standards on display.

Because one month into the presidency of Barack Obama, Michelle Malkin is busy promoting revolution against the federal government. Because she's unhappy with the progressive budget and the stimulus bill to prevent another Depression.

See, this is what gives me such great disdain for Malkin. I detested President Bush's tax policy and, say, his Medicare bill, but it never crossed my mind to start fomenting a revolution. Yet according to Malkin, I'm the unhinged one.

Malkin is actually busy promoting revolution in two forms. The "Tea Party" movement and the "Going Galt" revolt. Consider the iconography: The Boston Tea Party was a prelude to the Revolutionary War; John Galt is the hero of Ayn Rand's capitalist extremist fantasy Atlas Shrugged.

A recent commenter here provides the mindset of the sort of person who might be taking Malkin seriously.

Nice try, once again, at characterizing the "right" as the close-minded fascists that you on the hard left really are! It is the Obama admin. that is working on silencing any remaining opposition (talk radio), instituting non-private union voting, and threatning private business with expanding litigation and threat of communist-style government control over salaries, etc. And it is the right who are the fascists? I think not. Plain and simple: he is a devout Marxist who, with complicity from his friends in Congress, is unchallenged and decisively marching us toward his vision of "Amerika". You bet your ass he's instituting "Change you can believe in". And as he pushes us over the cliff, some, such as myself, believe that the only answer may be the application of force when there is no political recourse to stop him. What is coming is a war to decide the future of this country. (Better get that ban on the 2nd amendment soon because a lot of us are quietly arming ourselves now).

As Bob Cesca put it

What this far-right movement appears to suggest is that middle class tax cuts, job creation and affordable healthcare -- ideas that are supported by 82 percent of Americans, by the way -- are criminal acts of tyranny, and an eventual tax increase to the tune of pennies on the dollar for the wealthiest two-percent is worthy of opposition by revolutionary means.

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