Saturday, March 07, 2009

The craziest Democrats/Nazis comparison yet?

Respectful Insolence has a nominee.

The link features a cartoon depicting Democrats as preparing to persecute "fiscally responsible achievers" like the Nazis persecuted Jews.

1. What Democrat has ever said that "achievers" are responsible for America's economic troubles?

2. Returning the top tax rates back to where they were during the Clinton years is not equivalent to genocide.

3. Achiever sounds like an allusion to Ayn Rand's juvenile capitalistic extremism. As if some hardworking family that goes bankrupt as a result of devastating healthcare costs aren't "achievers" but some CEO who ran his company into the ground and then got bailed out with someone else's money or dumped his stock before the company went under (like George W. Bush did in both scenarios) is.

4. The notion that the purpose of higher tax rates on the rich is punitive and malicious. This is, frankly, bordering on insane. David Cay Johnston concisely explains the reasoning behind progressive taxation:

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Anonymous said...

"Achiever sounds like an allusion to Ayn Rand's juvenile capitalistic extremism..."

Or Lebowski Acheivers perhaps?

(sorry, couldn't help myself LOL)