Wednesday, April 18, 2007

YouTube of the day

Hmph. With some changes made to blogger in my absence, I'm encountering some difficulty in uploading videos from YouTube, and I don't feel like expending the effort necessary to rectify that. So I'll just provide a link instead:

YouTube of the day

I saw an episode of Family Guy a couple of days ago in which they made a joke about ever since Jim Henson died we've had muppets with wrong sounding voices (Henson voiced several of the muppets, but especially Kermit). For any aficianado of muppets, that's a joke that rings true. Anyways, that reminded me of the video linked. The world needs more Jim Hensons.


steeplebob said...

On YouTube:

From the My Videos page, select the Edit Video Info button for your clip, then scroll down to see the "Embed HTML:" section, copy the snippet, and paste it into your post.

Hope that helps.


Hume's Ghost said...

I'll give that a shot next time around.