Saturday, April 14, 2007

So long Kurt Vonnegut, and thanks for the memories

While I slowly begin to inch myself back from the brink of a complete nervous breakdown, I still would like to take a brief moment to honor the memory of one of the world's greatest humanists -Kurt Vonnegut - who passed away on Aril 11, 2007.

When I have more time I'lll add more to this entry, but one of Kurt's last books was a collection of essays entitled Man Without A Country. I'd just like to say that that isn't true - Kurt has a country in every part of the world where someone has read one of his books. Anywhere in the world where someone has some memory of the crazy ideas in his novels floating around in their head, Mr. Vonnegut has a country.

Blogger's Note - When I have more time I'll try to write up a more fitting tribute to one of my favorite authors. For the next few weeks or so I'll only be able to dash off short comments.

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