Wednesday, June 22, 2005

House passes blasphemy amendment

Today the House passed an anti-flag burning amendment.

The secular government of the United States should not be in the business of creating sacred idols or abridging free speech in the name of patriotism.


John Lombard said...

Hey, thanks for that link to the Council of Secular Humanism. I've never visited their site. That short essay on the Iraq reasons for war was a good read.

Hume's Ghost said...

Never visited? For shame. Free Inquiry and the Council's Secular Humanist Declaration are both in my links.

The next issue appears to be devoted to Iraq so its going to have several articles about it, some of which I'm sure will be on their web page.

If you look through their back issues you'll see they've been addressing many of the points we blog about for some time now.

Actually, my next post is going to be a primer to secular humanism, I think.

John Lombard said...

Actually, yes, I did ransack their archives just after posting in your comments. I'd actually read that Shadia Drury essay on neoconservatism before. She's a secular humanist! Yay! That makes me like her even more! I liked the Richard Dawkins essay on the evolutionary utility of evolution. I'd always assumed religion had evolutionary utility for groups -- but I didn't know support for that conclusion was so weak.

It worries me when fundamentalist Christians list evil people -- they'll say Communists, abortionists, drunks, murderers and -- secular humanists. Because evil is one thing, but breaking religion's monopoly on being a decent person -- well, that's even more dangerous.