Monday, June 06, 2005

Bush breaks silence on Darfur

Last Wednesday President Bush, after nearly 6 months of silence regarding the crisis in Darfur, reminded South African President Thabo Mbeki, "As you know, former Secretary of State Colin Powell, with my concurrence, declared the situation [in Darfur] a genocide."

But little to no hard action is being undertaken by the US or the world. In light of the recent report by Doctors Without Borders that details the systematic rape of women in the Darfur region (which the Sudanese government responded to by arresting the author of the report) this failure to act is even more shameful. As Nicholas Kristof notes in his recent editorial A policy of Rape
Those women who spoke to me risked arrest and lifelong shame by telling their stories. Their courage should be an inspiration to us - and above all, to President Bush - to speak out. Mr. Bush finally let the word Darfur pass his lips on Wednesday, after 142 days of silence, but only during a photo op. Such silence amounts to acquiescence, for this policy of rape flourishes only because it is ignored.


John Lombard said...

Don't you like how Bush slipped "with my concurrence" in?

It almost makes you wonder why if Bush thought it was a genocide as far back as that he hasn't done anything about it.

Hume's Ghost said...

And if its genocide why would he be opposed to the Darfur Accountability Act or some such measure?