Thursday, March 31, 2005

UFOlogy Debunker's Tool kit

I confess. Up until the age of about 15 I believed that aliens were visiting this planet. This I thought, was a plausible scientifically rational belief, and a credulous media only helped to reinforce this notion. But then something happened: I learned about false memories, I learned about temporal lobe epilepsy, I read about special relativity, and I noticed how skeptical voices were often unheard in the media ; I saw the Heavensgate cult. I put the pieces together and I realized that my belief in UFO's was nothing more than a 20th century sci-fi superstition.

Considering the number of Americans that believe in UFO visitation I thought it would be beneficial to compile an internet resource guide as a means of helping to demystify UFO mythology. So without further ado I present,

THE UFOlogy Debunker's Tool Kit
The Condon Report
The Skeptic's Dictionary entry on UFO's
Project Skyhook
UFO's and TV
UFO's and art
TLE and Transcendent Experience
The Klass Files
Abduction Fantasy
Recovered Memory Therapy
The Skeptic's Dictionary entry on false memories
Heavens Gate cult
The UFO Skeptic's Page
*The Skeptic's Dictionary page on Et's and UF'Os

*Added to the Kit 4-4-04

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