Monday, February 04, 2013

Quote of the day

"I know it is fashionable to argue that MSNBC is just the flip-side of Fox News, but that only appears to be the case if you focus on partisanship. If you focus on whether or not viewers are better or worse informed after watching The Rachel Maddow Show versus The O'Reilly Factor the differences between the two networks is obvious. Maddow explains how things work. O'Reilly inflames people's passions. Maddow presents things that ought to scare her audience, like the way corporations are using Republicans to write legislation verbatim per their instructions, while O'Reilly is telling his audience that liberals want to ruin their Christmas celebration." - Booman Tribune

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Paul Sunstone said...

I frequent an internet forum on which there is a man who is constantly drawing false equivalencies between FOX and MSNBC. After I pointed out a few times that his equivalencies were false, he still refused to drop them. Instead, he started a thread declaring that pointing out false equivalences was "an overused debate tactic"!