Thursday, August 23, 2012

American "justice"

Behold the severe punishment and shame that befalls elite American political figures after they participate in a torture regime and a fraudulently sold war resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands.

Perhaps it's not quite as groundbreaking as being the country's first female national security adviser or first female African-American secretary of state, but Condoleezza Rice broke another barrier Monday with a golf club.

The formerly men-only Augusta National Golf Club -- a golfing mecca├»»¿ where the annual Masters Tournament has been played in Georgia since 1934 -- announced that Rice and Darla Moore, a female pioneer in banking, would be the first women admitted to its exclusive membership of about 300 captains of industry and government.

A year after telling Golf Digest that she didn't feel Augusta had an obligation to admit women, Rice, 57, now a Stanford business professor and a Hoover Institution senior fellow, said in a statement Monday that she looks forward "to playing golf, renewing friendships and forming new ones through this very special opportunity."
Obviously, future torturers and war criminals will be discouraged from their actions by the severe plight of figures like Rice.

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