Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Quote of the day

"Who the [expletive] is Saul Alinsky?" - Bill Maher

See also the Media Matters comparison of Saul Alinsky and the bogeyman "Saul Alinsky" who only exists in the imaginations of movement conservative media figures.

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Sheldon said...

Coming from the radical Marxist left since the mid 1980s, the funny thing about Alinsky is he is and was nobody to them. The first I heard of him was when I belonged to the youth group of the Trotskyist American SWP, and one of my mentors when asked about the work of ACORN back then filled me in on some of the history and dismissed Alinsky and ACORN as simply liberal reformers, which is basically an insult from people who believe in revolutionary transformation. Since then, I have never heard any radical left or Marxist praise of him, or even a rare reference.