Friday, January 14, 2011

More crypto-antiSemitism from Glenn Beck

From Media Matters

And then there was tonight's episode, the theme of which was that the 20th century should be seen as "the era of the big lie." According to Beck, during the past 100 years a loose association of shadowy figures who believed themselves to be the "intelligent minority" infected the country with their notion that the people are "animals" who can be controlled through propaganda. He further warned that this same elite was leading the modern progressive movement and would similarly seek to manipulate the masses in the twenty-first century.

So who are these nefarious figures from government, finance, media, and academia who believe they can and should control everyone's choices, "not just in politics, but everywhere"? In tonight's episode, Beck singles out nine of them.
And,in the immortal words of Gomer Pyle, surprise, surprise, surprise - eight out of the nine are Jewish. Of course, international financier George Soros - who Beck has previously characterized as being the "pupper master" perpetrating a Protocols of Zion type conspiracy against the planet - made the list.

To summarize: Beck believes that George Soros and a bunch of Jews Progressives secretly control President Obama; white supremacists believe that George Soros and a bunch of Jews secretly control President Obama.

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