Monday, December 06, 2010

My Sisyphean struggles to blog about Glenn Beck

I've been meaning on writing a post about why I feel it necessary to blog about Beck since at least July, when I read this post at Rationally Speaking (you'll notice I show up in the comments there), but keep putting it off. A major reason why is that I am simply unable to keep up with the pace of stupid, deranged, hateful, crazy nonsense that Beck generates on a daily basis.

For months now I've bookmarked or made a note about something Beck has said, intending to write something about it in the next day or so, only to get up the next day to be confronted by something else Beck has done that I feel worthy of a response. It's impossible to keep up with.

And still is. So this post will still not be the meta-post on Beck that I intend to write someday.

But I will make note of the irony today of a person who believes the utter nonsense of the Joseph Smith story, despite Smith being a known charlatan in his day, making fun of someone else for an allegorical reference to a Mayan deity in order to make a clever point.

Of course, underlying the irony is the ignorance, childishness and cultural bigotry.

Yet Beck, along with fellow high school graduates Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, is one of the top conservative pundits. That speaks so much for the cult of anti-intellectualism at the heart of movement conservatism.


Dan said...

The comments over there are painful.

Spocko said...

Hey HG: I hear ya. I feel that way with most the stuff I hear from Beck. What has been bugging me lately is that now that the group Color of Change and StopBeck made advertising unsafe on the Beck show, Murdoch won't admit that the campaigns even had an impact. And, because he is not honest about that to his shareholders, he is violating SEC rules.
Now, it might not be seen as a big thing, especially since he can lose money if he wants, but it is the lying about it that is the problems.

It doesn't make logical sense that with nothing more than House ads and Gold ads for one hour of prime space isn't hurting them. If nothing else they should be making MORE money than they are now. Again, it's not that Murdoch can't do what he wants it's that the stockholders are supposed to know what is happening and that it has an impact.

Hume's Ghost said...

I was going to write about this in the alluded metapost, but the thing that really drives me nuts is watching saying these demented, transpantly false things, literally promoting the literature of WWII era fascists and such; only to be confronted on a nearly daily basis by people and friends in mu community who think that Beck is awesome and should be president. It's so disturbing.

Hume's Ghost said...

Transparently and watching Beck that should have read. Darn, difficult to type iPad.