Monday, June 28, 2010

The backlash's curious choice of target of ire

The artist formely known as Blackwater has been awarded contracts worth a couple hundred million despite employees being prosecuted for the killing of Iraqi civilians. Meanwhile, the GAO has found no misuse of funds by ACORN, who got defunded by Congress after the organization was accused of fictional, fabricated crimes by a movement conservative criminal.

Oh how outraged and indignant our brave members of Congress get at false reports of corruption involving an organization that helps poor people and minorities, yet they somehow don't seem to find the same cause for concern when wealthy corporations commit actual crimes and corruption.

How sickening is it that Democrats in Congress roll over on ACORN to appease the conservative voices who now come to the defense of BP's destructive actions in the Gulf Coast

So, here’s how it works. They crucify a nonprofit that helps poor people without any credible evidence, in fact as it turns out entirely manufactured evidence, and they do so without a blink of an eye or an apology. But when it comes to a corporation whose negligence has so far killed two dozen and injured hundreds, and entirely destroyed the Gulf of Mexico, they apologize to the company?

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Sheldon said...

Yep,perfect example of how the right wing yanks the chain of the center in this country with their massive propaganda apparatus.