Sunday, May 02, 2010

Quote of the day

"I spent twenty years in intelligence and four years in the SERE program waterboarding people before I ever opened my mouth on the subject. Marc Thiessen is a fool of the highest magnitude if he thinks he knows anything about waterboarding. His claims are based not on first-hand experience but on a classified briefing from people with an agenda of justifying what was done. That makes Thiessen into a court stenographer for war criminals rather than a person with any real claim of expertise." - Malcom Nance

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Spocko said...

I still have a link to a story from Nance titled, "Waterboarding is torture, period." He was going to testify on this topic and mysteriously was bumped.

He is/was a FOX News analyst and should have going on the Sean Hannity show and told Sean he is wrong to not call waterboarding torture.

Nance is the authority to quote when jerks say, "But we do it in SERE to our own troops!"