Sunday, April 11, 2010

A bunch of posts about Beck

You may have noticed that I've been blogging a lot about Glenn Beck lately. You'll get more of that this week, as I've got a plethora of posts about him that I've been wanting to get up.


Because: (1) I continue to find it utterly amazing and profoundly disturbing that someone as transparently deranged and stupid is on the tv on a major American network promoting hate and ignorance (2) Beck on a daily basis demonizes the humanistic values I hold as some kind of nefarious, anti-American Satanic plot, appealing to prejudice and bigotry to do so. I believe that he has far surpassed Bill O'Reilly (whom I previously used to focus much of my blogging on) in mainstreaming extremist hate.

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Sheldon said...

I don't know HG. I share your disgust. This shit can start to drive you seriously crazy. I can hardly stand to watch a clip posted of Beck at Crooks and Liars anymore, let alone actually watch or listen to his show.