Sunday, December 13, 2009

Blogging less

From now until the end of March I am going to have considerably less time to read books and follow the news, much less blog. I'll still post items, but less frequently and more in the style that 3 Quarks Daily utilizes.

I have several posts in draft form (some very old) that I should be able to finish and post here and there (including the review of The Eliminationists that I've intended to finish for most of the year). Otherwise, you can still always take advantage of the blog roll feature that shows the most recent post of each of the linked blogs. I've chosen blogs that generally cover just about anything that I would be inclined to blog about in the first place.


Mark Vuletic said...

I hope your loss of time is associated with something good for you, not something bad. Either way, I'll miss your continuous stream of insightful commentary until you return at full strength.

Alan said...

HG -

I'll echo Mark's comment and wish you luck in whatever endeavor will be consuming more of your time (hopefully something good).

I've enjoyed (well maybe not always the right word considering the soberness of the topics) reading your blogposts - they are always a starting point for me in daily blog reading.

I don't know how you found the time in the first place as I don't even generally have the time to post comments anymore.


Hume's Ghost said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys.

No, it's nothing bad. I'm starting a new career and am currently going through the training period. After March I should go back to having plenty of time to devote back to the blog.