Sunday, September 28, 2008

John McCain should now be completely and utterly unelectable

I'll make the case in bullet points

- Pretty soon Congress will have doled out upwards of a trillion dollars of taxpayer money to bail-out Wall Street.

- John McCain plans hundreds of billions of dollars of taxcuts for the wealthiest Americans and corporations: the very same people who are going to be on the receiving end of that trillion dollars and who profited from the conditions that led to the financial mess in the first place.

- John McCain plans to couple his supply-side cuts for the mega-wealthy with severe spending cuts that would cut or cripple the programs that help and benefit the rest of the 99.9% of Americans.

How can anyone who is aware of this - excluding those who benefit from mortgaging the future of the American middle class and the working poor to subsidize the lifestyle of Richistan -possibly vote for John McCain?


Sheldon said...

"How can anyone who is aware of this...possibly vote for John McCain?"

I suppose being a little racist might help.

Alan said...

The key phrase is "anyone aware of this". Most people are not. My informal survey of moderate, non-idealogical voters that I know is that McCain did very well during the debate and in fact too many sounded more knowledgeable than Obama.

The average person (even educated person) does not have the time to get truly informed on the issues and the MSM, as you know, is infantile in its political coverage.

I also don't think Obama did a great job in articulating the issues. I don't think his points resonate with anyone who does not already understand the underlying complexities of the issues.

Obama needs to decisively deconstruct the Republican myths that they are better on national security and the economy. I don't think he has adequately acomplished this in a point by point fashion yet (at least not in the language that Republicans hear).

Hume's Ghost said...

"I also don't think Obama did a great job in articulating the issues."

I think one of the main reasons we get lukewarm Democratic candidates is because they need the same money from the political donor class (the rich and corporations) that Republicans do, so their criticism is muted.

Obama had a fantastic opportunity to explitly make the point of this post in the debate and he missed it or balked. When Obama was saying that McCain plans a 300 billion dollar tax cut for corporations he could have then said "how can anyone possibly justify cutting the taxes of corporations that are going to be on the receiving end of a trillion dollars or taxpayer money ... that's the 'capitalism' of Manor Farm - it's feudalism."