Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The seeds of a Christian fascism

Remember Janet Folger (scroll down to the addendum), the Christian fundamentalist who spread anti-gay propaganda that originated from the Aryan Nation and who has been on the O'Reilly Factor to say that Christians are being persecuted in America?

Via Ed Brayton, we see that Folger has written a column from the perspective of a year into the totalitarian rule of Hillary Clinton, who has began placing Christians like Folger in a forced labor prison camp for thought crimes.

It's difficult to articulate how frankly insane this worldview is. At the end of the column she laments how Clinton has appointed Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein to the Supreme Court, who are apprently in Folger's mind some kind of left-wing anti-Christian zealots, but given Schumer's moderacy and Feinstein's work for the military-industrial complex rather than her constituents I'm guessing that Folger picked them as examples of nightmare totalitarians simply because they have (D) following their names.

There is a proto-fascist aesthetic in the column in the belief that one is being persecuted by militant radicals. It is out of this fear that one feels justified in starting up one's own campaign of persecution. If Hilliary Clinton becomes president the right-wing of the country is going to go off the deep end. And although we can expect the vast majority of the conservative movement to continue on its increasingly authoritarian yet still pseudo-fascist path (which is bad enough in itself), there will be an element that is closer to the real deal.


Jennifer said...

Geez, how hard it is for people to comprehend the idea of "separation of church and state?" I'm sick of hearing about religion in the midst of political discourse. I don't want people pushing their religion on me, and I don't want to push what I believe on others.

I agree: insane.

Hume's Ghost said...

Folks like Folger think church state separation is a communist plot.

C2H50H said...

When you non-religious guys (the 22 percent of non-Christians, anyway, according to the CIA World Factbook) somehow overpower the vast majority and throw them in labor camps, count me out -- that would mean each of us would have to supervise, feed, and guard 4 people. When would we sleep?

I've always understood that Christian religions require a measure of "checking your brains at the door" -- but it looks to me like this Folger may have forgotten to pick them up when she checked out.