Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Is this wrong?

My affinity for bad music has gotten the best of me again. I must say, I find these strangely addictive. There's something about the cheesy '80s glory of it that won't let me avert my eyes and ears.

And yes, that is a young Stacy Ferguson of Black Eyed Peas fame fronting the group.


Politically Lost said...

You're killing me.

Hume's Ghost said...

Martika actually had a pretty good voice. She sang "Toy Soldiers".

In one of those Kids, Inc. videos she nails the Goonies theme by Cyndi Lauper.

Politically Lost said...

OK, I'll admit I have a fondness for John Crier/Cusak movies and all the music that went along with the '80's. But, it's a dirty little secret that I only share with my wife.

Hume's Ghost said...

Damn, this one is catchy!

I'm partial to John Hughes movies, myself. Although the two Savage Steve Holland movies Cusack starred in are great.

"Two dollars. I want my two dollars."

Politically Lost said...

OK, now that last one was JUST WRONG! Those links could have competed in the worst videos ever that Sadly No and the others were shooting at each other.

Better Off Dead is my favorite flick of that time though. I watch it about once a year just to see some of those lines delivered again.

"It has raisins in it. You like raisins."

What's the other Savage film? One Crazy Summer...isn't it?

That era wasn't too bad to grow up in...right?

Hume's Ghost said...

Yes, One Crazy Summer.

If I was trying to win the contest I would have given this link.

Politically Lost said...

Yes, although Tiny Tim on Carson was really over the top.

You'd probably not believe this but I have a much younger sister and I can distinctly remember coming home from high school and seeing my little sister watching that show.

I've been deeply scarred by that event (obviously) and my little sister, now in her twenties, is beyond hope. She became a Disney cast member (escorting Minnie Mouse to be exact) and a bar tender at Medival Times.

I warn you not to inflict that fate on others.

Hume's Ghost said...

Is that really worse than this?

Politically Lost said...

Did you catch the headline in the video. JIMMIE NINE MEETS POP HYSTERIA

Dude, you have psychicaly damaged me. I, of course, had another flashback spawned by your link this time it was in the pre-pubic early 70's singing along with Donny and Marie.

I can't let this stand...picture 1978 grade school pagents.


PS. I don't know how to make links, I'll try to figure that out soon.

Hume's Ghost said...

[a href="url"] link title [/a]

Replace the brackets with <>

That was wretched. The Boone family should be off limits. This is more like it.

Politically Lost said...


Jr. High, first slow dance, painfully awkward. And, Air Supply fills the parquet and concrete auditorium. I was the one in the back feeling left out and making snarky remarks.

(I saw they were the headliner at a winery in St. Helena last month)

I'm afriad you've made me go too far with this!

Politically Lost said...
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Politically Lost said...

I screwed up the link thing. I'll try again later, but here's where I intended it to go.


Politically Lost said...

You can't miss this!


Anonymous said...

My guilty pleasure used to be that my favorite band was Black Sabbath when I was younger, but now they're more popular than ever (at least here locally judging by their air play). "Wars pigs" is fitting again these days..

Politically Lost said...

Uh Oh! Kombat!

Anonymous said...

Here you are HG: (Bowing and shaking head) Hootie's sold out!