Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hitchens defends Iraq's free press

Chris Hitchens has received much criticism for his writings on Iraq (including some from me), but I can't find much to criticize in his latest piece denouncing the propaganda planted by the Department of Defense in Iraq. Hitchens, unlike several apologists for this propaganda, recognizes that it is both wrong in itself (for both practical and ethical reasons) and that this sort of activity can not be aimed solely at the people of Iraq, but must inevitably be directed at the American public as well.

It is not just a matter of lying to the Iraqis and to neighboring countries, bad as that would be. The feedback must also have been intended to deceive the American taxpayers whose money was used for the fraud in the first place.
Now I just wonder how long it is before Chris realizes that this administration has been doing this from the start.

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